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Promoting pupils’ emotional literacy, behaviour for learning and social skills

During the Spring and Summer term (2011), over 100 pupils from Stamford Queen Eleanor, Grantham Isaac Newton and St Michael’s, Thorpe on the Hill participated in the county’s first TAPACY scheme. TAPACY – the Transactional Analysis (TA) Proficiency Award for Children and Young People – is an award scheme that seeks to promote pupils’ emotional literacy by introducing them to key ideas from TA to With a strong emphasis upon encouraging pupils to reflect upon the ideas and apply them to everyday life, the programme has proved to be a very powerful means by which to develop their self-awareness and awareness of others.

There were many accounts from both pupils and staff as to how effective this learning programme has been in helping pupils to engage better in lessons, strengthen their friendship skills and in some instances improve their behaviour quite significantly.

As well as the children learning, staff also engage in the learning journey. All staff involved have already engaged in their own TA-based professional development, training that has had a profound impact upon their own classroom practice and leadership roles. TAPACY is highly dependent upon the quality of learning experiences the adults provide and the staff involved with this cohort demonstrated fantastic teaching and learning.

If you would like to know more about either TAPACY and/or Transactional Analysis, please contact Steve Russell – 07919 167585; [email protected]