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By Elif Akar

TAPACY was applied by Elif Akar in Adana in Turkiye with the collaboration of moderator AKTEN Soley, Ambassador Prf. dr. Füsun AKKOYUN and ATAD (www.atad.org) in Adana.

The TA concepts were taught in a cycle of 8 sessions to 15 students between 15 March 2013 and May 2013 in Adana Barbaros İMKB Anatolian High School: Configuration Time, Life positions, Conflict resolution, Ego states, Competitive sense( rekabet duygu), Contact message, Permissions.

These concepts were selected to be helping of self-esteem and self-awareness of high school students. Students prepared their own portfolios with works such as poetry, painting, writing, movie, song lyrics which were associated with the concepts of TA they learned.

Moderator Akten Soley and Kudret Sezgin participated in the award ceremony together in Adana in order to review the works of young people and to celebrate at the end of the project. Prof. Julie Hay joined the ceremony via skype.