The Georgi Dimitrov and Orca Nikolov schools, in Skopje, came together to celebrate on 8 September 2016.  Sasa Petrovksi and Filip Babamov had been the teachers, covering respectively TA and psychdrama. The National Co-ordinator was Marina Pavlovska, and Varduhi Shahnazaryan, the National Co-ordinator for Armenia, acted as Assessor and also travelled to Macedonia to act as the Ambassador representing the TA community.

From Marina Pavlovska, who organised the TAPACY in Macedonia

It was a wonderful experience for all of us included in the organisation and realization and for the children too. The feedback from the children was that they learned things for life, and that this gave them great insights on the world and those around them and gave them a tool how to influence positively.  I am looking forward for another group.