TAPA Awards 2018 – Turkiye

< Back to Turkiye Erçin Kimmet, TA Practitioner This is a new journey for me. Because 2 weekend education is not a familiar experience for me. But I got positive feedback to the participants about this experience. We talked about more than ten main concepts which are structural and functional analysis of ego states, strokes, … Read more


< Back to Turkiye By Elif Akar TAPACY was applied by Elif Akar in Adana in Turkiye with the collaboration of moderator AKTEN Soley, Ambassador Prf. dr. Füsun AKKOYUN and ATAD (www.atad.org) in Adana. The TA concepts were taught in a cycle of 8 sessions to 15 students between 15 March 2013 and May 2013 … Read more

The first ever TAPA for Caregivers & Parents (TAPACP) in Turkiye

< Back to Turkiye Güney Erkilic, on the first ever TAPA for Caregivers & Parents in Turkiye I heard about the TAPACP project for the first time in a TA training in İstanbul. After I learned about the project I decided to go ahead and I made my preparations. I have chosen TAPACP that aims … Read more


TAPA Programs run in Turkiye Turkiye has been particularly active, over many years, with a range of different TA proficiency awards – some of which were invented there! They began in 2013 when Elif Akar ran a scheme for children and young people (TAPACY). In the same year, Gunay Erkilic ran a scheme for caregivers … Read more

The 1st TAPDA Awards Ceremony – Turkiye

< Back to Turkiye The first Transactional Analysis Personal Development Awards were given to 11 participants by Hülya Üstel on January 27, 2014 in Ankara, Turkiye. After 36 hours training, participants have written a 4 month learning portfolio. After that long and joyful journey to their inner world, participants has got the right to have … Read more